Basic Programme

The Basic Programme of the FPMT began at Saraswati Buddhist Group in April 2018. The first subject was Mahayana Mind Training. The second subject is Stages of the Path.

The root text for the current study is Middle Length Lam Rim by Je Tsong Khapa. Everyone is welcome.

Those who wish to get the most out of the course are recommended to register by emailing By registering you will be eligible to attend extra study sessions, to receive additional study materials including commentaries, and to have access to support from the teacher, Andy Wistreich.

To register for this programme you must already have a reasonable foundation of knowledge of and commitment to Buddhist teachings, such as having followed the Discovering Buddhism programme or equivalent. Registered students are expected to attend a minimum of two thirds of the sessions. Sessions unavoidably missed should be studied subsequently through the recordings. Also, those registered will have the opportunity to do a simple email-based test at the end of the module, as an encouragement to review and recall what has been learned.

Without registering you are welcome to drop into sessions at any time. The classes include meditation, talk and discussion, and are easy to understand, whatever your level of knowledge. As with Discovering Buddhism, this is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice and knowledge whatever level of commitment you make.


If you want more information about or to register for the course, please contact the coordinator