Mahayana Mind Training

Following the great success of the Discovering Buddhism Course, Mahayana Mind Training (MMT) is the title of the next course that will be taught and studied at Market House, South Petherton, Somerset. This is one of the subjects in the FPMT Basic Programme (BP).
The root text for the study is The Wheel of Sharp Weapons by Dharmarakshita If this particular course is a success, then we shall continue to study the whole programme.
Mahayana is the vehicle of those, namely the bodhisattvas, who seek enlightenment for the sake of all sentient beings. Mind Training (Tibetan: Lo Jong) is a powerful approach to transforming the challenges and difficulties encountered in daily life, into a spiritual practice of universal compassion. The basic method is to take one’s own problems as an example, leading one to think about the problems of everyone, and thereby transcend selfish concern. This practice brings extraordinary happiness, peace and harmony to oneself and others. Everyone is welcome.

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